Teaching others to create art with yarn is a passion of mine. Whether it be crochet and knitting or yarn dolls and God’s Eyes, the possibilities of what you can make with yarn are endless.


I’ve been teaching a knitting class at the Boys & Girls Club in south Minneapolis for two years now. Besides knitting, we create friendship bracelets, God’s Eyes, weavings, and more! I love working with these amazing kids. They’re incredibly creative and come up with the coolest ideas for projects. It’s been a joy working with them and I look forward to many more years.


Recently I began teaching at Kiddywampus in Hopkins, MN. I teach a fun Yarn Adventures class and will also be leading a Yarnbombing Camp this summer. We create yarn chandeliers, yarn dolls, weavings, yarn critters, friendship bracelets, and more. To learn more or to sign up for classes, go to: